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> See my previous post on this subject - V Gundam kits haven't been reissued
> for about 5 years. The fact that HLJ has it in their online catalog does
> not mean they have it in stock, or they can even restock it to fill your
> order. I've had several orders being held back for months because some
> were "backordered" for God knows how long. If you only order newer kits
> HLJ then you probably won't experience this, but I've had a standing order
> for about 2 years by now and I still haven't got it. They used to be
> good at updating their catalog with the skull and crossbone logo to mark
> items that are no longer available, but I guess they haven't done an
> for a while.
> BTW, with the current exchange rate of approximately 105 yen to a dollar
> and slap on UPS shipping charged by HLJ, don't try to tell me I am ripping
> people off with a $8.00 opening bid.
> Eddie

er, sorry dude. I didn't think I came off as angry or anything. I haven't
ordered any of the V kits from HLJ, but I have noticed that when models are
no longer available (IE out of print) they actually remove them from the
listings. When they moved to that was one of the things I noticed -
no more skull and crossbones. For example, the "mospeada" page no longer
lists any of the bikes or the recently released limited edition "iron" ones.
I assumed that the new policy is that if it's listed, it's available. and 8
bucks is not a lot. it's a good price.

again, sorry.

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