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At 12:52 PM 10/25/99 , Harezu_no Ninngyo wrote:
>>From: Mark Simmons <>
>Wo ho! Mark speaks! I havn't seen you here in ages. I've personally been
>content lurking and chuckling at the posts :P But since you came out of
>woodworks, I suppose I have to post atleast once.. :P the feddies seem
>have a fetish with Zion MS after the war, they converted numerous for
>own use.. eg: Flying type Gufu, Gelbaldy Beta, Gelgoog Marine (in 0083),
>Zaku Mariner, Zaku II Fs (though why they didn't convert the vastly more
>powerful FZ version is weird) to name just a few. I don't think they
>had a real problem with aesthetics (they put up with the Ball for Pete's
>sake!), Anaheim is the one with the aesthetics fetish.

That actually has real life counter parts. All of those Zeon MS that the
Federation was fielding are either already built, or came off from
captured MS plants. The US Army did exactly that after WWII with our
host of captured German V2 rockets and parts, plus the scientists and
engineers shipped en mass to New Mexico for testing purpose. We also got
a good deal of jet engine technology from the German.

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