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Yeah I would have to agree, the older kits are much harder, but as these are what I was weaned on...I have come to greatly appreciate Polycaps and system injection molding.
I do have to say though, that the most rewarding model I have done is the old 1/100 MSN-00100 Hyaku Shiki.
I actually used metallic gold Rustoleum spray paint from the hardware store and flat black (Rustoleum also) and it looks like just awesome. I I used the standard sort of hobby paints on the highlights and details though.
I have often wondered if anyone else uses spray paints like these on their model kits? I mean I realize they are not strictly official hobby paints or Gundam colors and are probably better saved for spray painting the mailbox or patio bench...but I think the colors and overall coating come out great in most cases.
I will have to put up some pictures of it. Next to the Master Grade Zeta and Super Gundam, it looks just great!

Jay Hricak

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One issue you might want to be careful with is whether or not the model
will require glue and/or painting as well as the difficulty level. I would never
recommend that someone start out with a Perfect Grade Gundam, or any of the
older models as they can be frustrating for newbies. Therefore you should
inititially be careful in the 0079, Zeta, MS Variations, and Double Zeta
Hmm... why did you leave out Zeta and Gundam Sentinel? They all require
glue and major paintjob too. >>

I did forget to mention Sentinel, but Zeta is up there. Right between 0079
and MSV.


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