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> > I was just about to pose a question to everyone on the list, but you
> > answered it for me. Could a Mobile Suit survive reentry into the earth's
> > atomsphere?
> The RX-78 Gundam did, so I see no reason why other MS's couldn't. Of course,
> surviving the sudden stop at the end is yet another thing entirely.
> SJ

Only MS equipped with some kind of 'heat shield' and or controll the angle of
descent can re-enter Earth's atmosphere without burning up. Z Gundam/Wave Rider
as well as White Base,Komusai,Zanzibar can control the re-entry angle and is
relatively heat resistant so that it passes through the atmosphere in the same
way that the real life Space Shuttle does. But just like in real life, if the
re-entry angle is wrong it will burn up/suffer critical heat damage.

The Balute system and the RX-78's heat-proof film , apparently can withstand
high enough temperatures to enter the atmosphere directly i.e straight down. It
is apparent in Z Gundam that any MS/vessel using the Balute system can re-enter
the Earth's atmosphere. Although I wonder why the White Base can re-enter Earth
by controlling the re-entry angle but the Argama in Z Gundam required a Balute


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