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>I am hoping to get into to Gundam Models soon. I am very into anime and
>manga. And love the Gundam genre to death, but I've never been much of a
>modeler. Heck, I've never even put together a model plane.
> So I call upon you Ladies and Gentlemen to point me in the right
>direction. Where do you and where should I purchse (or order from) Gundam

For easy access, your local Toys R Us should have 1/144 and 1/100 scale kits
of Wing kits. Their price kinda sucks now, but keep checking for when they
go on sale (most likely when the show goes on Cartoon Network).

HLJ is clearing out some Endless Waltz 1/144 kits and the MG Zaku I, so
what you save with these kits kinda justifies the shipping costs.

Look through the archive, I just post up other vendor's contact info over
the weekend.

> And what model should I get first?

Cheap (under 1000 yen, usually 1/144 scale) and new (made in the 90s, NO 1/144
0083 models!) kits. Get a feel for it, and if you mess up it won't be a big
deal. Once you get comfy, get some 1/100 HG kits before you graduate to MG

> Thanks,
> Gundam01
>P.S. I was thinking of getting the Gundam Nataku from the Endless Waltz.
>The only reason is, I saw what the Nataku looked like in and issue of
>Animerica. And I had intended to order it from Rising Sun Creations.

Are they still in business? I talked to the owner back in July and it
sounded like he no longer deals in Gundam kits. Anyone bought from them

>its best to look around and not buy the first cool thing you see. Where are
>the best prices by the way?

Depends where you are - if you are in a metropolitan area chances are there's
a big hobby store that has them at a good price. Also hunt on eBay, I've been
able to get MG kits at UNDER their Japanese retail price, even after


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