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Yes that was the ReGZ in CCA, but it could not transform. Now that I think
about it, it was shown in wave rider mode but that was an external booster
armor with the ReGZ inside. Watch CCA again and you will see Chein eject
the wave rider armor as soon as she goes into battle. So I suppose that as
long as it has the wave rider armor the ReGZ could enter the atmosphere.

The Zeta-Plus did have the transformation ability and it is able to enter
the atmosphere.

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er... the ReGZ was the thing that chein flew in CCA, wasn't it? That
thing could transform. I mean, I clearly remember there being a wave rider
piloted by chein, and later on you see it as a uh... gundam. Unless that
was two separate suits.

What about the Zeta-Plus? I just remembered that one.

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