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>From: Mark Simmons <scorpio@best.com>

> Absolutely. And, like the Zeong and Zeon's psycommu mobile armors, the
>bulk of the psycommu system requires its host to be pretty huge. (The
>Qubeley is the first regular-sized mobile suit to have a true psycommu
>system.) The Psyco Gundam is really the Perfect Zeong in Gundam drag, to
>satisfy the aesthetic dictates of the Federation. (Which doesn't explain
>the Hizack...)

Wo ho! Mark speaks! I havn't seen you here in ages. I've personally been
content lurking and chuckling at the posts :P But since you came out of the
woodworks, I suppose I have to post atleast once.. :P the feddies seem to
have a fetish with Zion MS after the war, they converted numerous for their
own use.. eg: Flying type Gufu, Gelbaldy Beta, Gelgoog Marine (in 0083),
Zaku Mariner, Zaku II Fs (though why they didn't convert the vastly more
powerful FZ version is weird) to name just a few. I don't think they ever
had a real problem with aesthetics (they put up with the Ball for Pete's
sake!), Anaheim is the one with the aesthetics fetish.

> The Psyco Gundam also houses another famously bulky system, the
>Minovsky craft floatation system used by the White Base and Azzam. This
>puppy is so huge that even the Bound Doc (about 1.5 times normal size)
>appears to be unable to accommodate it. We don't see regular-sized mobile
>suits with Minovsky craft systems until the Hathaway novels, two decades
>after the Psyco Gundam was built.

even then.. I don't think the Ksi and the Penelope were that small. I
remember them being quite big, and heavy.. and the Psycho Gundam Mk 2 I
think still holds the record for the heaviest MS of all time.. at something
like 280 tons!

> Oh, it just sorta flies right out of the asteroid Mowsa. No transport
>required, luckily for its owners. :-)
> Otherwise, I expect it would just be towed by a ship, like the Zodiac
>and Alpha Aziel.

well the Quin Mantha.. in essence, is still a MS, not an MA.. it has
something those MAs don't.. legs. I don't think the Quin Mantha was built to
compete with the Psycho Gundams.. but the Geymalk and the Doven wolf,
monstrosity in their own right. It is ofcourse.. superior to both.


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