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Mon, 25 Oct 1999 15:20:51 -0400

> My favorite MS, if you couldn't tell. I bought the Gelgoog-A MG kit, the
> kit, and I'm hoping for a Gelgoog Marine MG kit. Hoping >>
> No S type??? What, you don't like Char???

it's funny you mention that... there's a bunch of zeon kits I'm going to be
ordering soon and I'm thinking about getting char's. I think it's the color
I don't like, and while I could paint it black to offset that (still working
on squadron colors but black seems to be a good start), it would be pretty
much the same kit as the 14A. no neat weapons or anything. I want my Zeon
mechs to be sans character, like my GM. Dunno why, though.

Matt "chicks are cool" Hanyok
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Louie' and a regulation two-story panty raid ladder." - Bender, Futurama

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