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<< idunno about "best prices" and the like (because shipping is a bit
 expensive) but Hobbylink Japan is a great place to start looking, plus
 they've got a HUGE selection of gundam kits and other stuff, too -
 I'd recommend getting a few 1/144 kits at first because they're not very
 expensive, and you should then be able to get a good feel for assembling the
 models. It's really not that hard so long as you can read a picture diagram
 with clearly marked numbers and everything. Might want to get an Alex or
 Kaempfer from 0080 to start off with, or maybe some kits from 08th MS team.

One issue you might want to be careful with is whether or not the model will
require glue and/or painting as well as the difficulty level. I would never
recommend that someone start out with a Perfect Grade Gundam, or any of the
older models as they can be frustrating for newbies. Therefore you should
inititially be careful in the 0079, Zeta, MS Variations, and Double Zeta
sections. I would also say that the Kampher isn't the best model to start
out with due to the fact that it requires painting to look decent. I would
suggest Rick Dom II from 0080 because it requires the least amount of
painting to look decent. I would steer clear of the 1/144 0083 kits as they
pretty much suck. A great newbie kit would be the Gouf Custom from 08th MS
Team ( the flight type needs a little painting whereas the Custom doesn't),
any of the new HGUC models, and suprisingly the MG RX-78. I would say be
careful of most MG's when starting out but the RX-78 is pretty easy.

The biggest thing to learn starting out is to cut your pieces out CAREFULLY.
I've seen a lot of newbies break pieces while cutting them off of the sprues.
 Also try to remove any remaining pieces of the spruet that are still on the
piece. This is usually called flash. You can use a hobby knife or the file
on a nail clipper, though that can cause scratches on the surface if you
aren't careful. If you want any more specific recommendations on which
models to start with don't hesitate to ask anyone here, as they will point
you in the right direction.


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