Robert L. B. (
Mon, 25 Oct 1999 17:48:36 GMT

I am hoping to get into to Gundam Models soon. I am very into anime and
manga. And love the Gundam genre to death, but I've never been much of a
modeler. Heck, I've never even put together a model plane.
      So I call upon you Ladies and Gentlemen to point me in the right
direction. Where do you and where should I purchse (or order from) Gundam
       And what model should I get first?
P.S. I was thinking of getting the Gundam Nataku from the Endless Waltz.
The only reason is, I saw what the Nataku looked like in and issue of
Animerica. And I had intended to order it from Rising Sun Creations. But,
its best to look around and not buy the first cool thing you see. Where are
the best prices by the way?

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