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I agree that the GP-03 might be able to take on the Gerbera Tetra but only
in close range combat. However if the Gerbera Tetra can keep its distance
the Gerbera Tetra should have the advantage. Compare the gun of these two
mechas, the GT's gun is HUGE, it almost like a sniper rifle.
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Vince Leon

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I just watched 0083 this weekend and the more I see the Gerbera Tetra I
can't help but think that it would get it's rear kicked by a GP01Fb. It
really didn't seem that well armed and while it may be maneuverable, so
was the GP01Fb.

And I personally think that Unit 3, without the Orchis platform, could
take on Gerbera Tetra and win, Amuro/Cima as respective pilots. I mean
heck, that thing was DESIGNED for space use. But that's just what I think.

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