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> I guess Dengeki is just following suit of Katoki, whose "Gundam Fix" has
already gone through two shameless "revisions" so far (Transitions and
Transitions +, both of which are unavailable to the general public, I
believe they are convention-only supplements).

The TRANSITION (No 'S') (^_~) is NOT the revision of GUNDAM FIX. It' s
kinda Momento for those who joined this exhibition.

GUNDAM 20th Anniversary
at PARCO Kichijo-ji 7F event space
on April 7 ~ April 14, 1999; 10 AM - 8 PM

and again, in Wonder Festival : Summer'99

The Full name(?) of this Black & White 104 pages book is GUNDAM FIX

It contains Pencil/Marker Pen/Rough Sketch design works for all of the pics
in Gundam FIX.

It will be good collection if:
1) you already owned the GUNDAM FIX
2) you really wanna know Katoki's works from the design stage.
3) you can find somebody to sell it (I got this copy from Tokyo with luck,
only 1000 Yen)

For TRANSITION+, I -guessed- it is the revision of TRANSITION, with some
added features/comments.


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