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>From: Rodrick Su <>
>Subject: Re: [gundam] Gundam W in US
>Date: Sat, 23 Oct 1999 19:07:40 -0700
>At 06:24 PM 10/23/99 , Master Asia wrote:
> >Oh crap!! this is what I really didn't want to happen! if you've paid
> >attention to some of my thoughts about this series its mostly negative,
> >negative.
> >
> >Sure its started out OK and -bla bla bla I don't wanna repeat myself but
> >I
> >fear that the ML will soon be all or close to all GW talk NOOOOOOO!
> >
> >Why could they translate something else? Anything but Wing!
> >
> >Well I guess I'm just over exaggerating but wing just isn't my thing, I
> >don't
> >feel comfortable watching such a "re-vamped series" like wing.
> >Originality is
> >what I like... yes even X.
> >
>1. They want something broadcast (need lots of episodes, 49+3 for W, 39
>for X).
>2. Gundam Wing is the only modern series that isn't too goofy. (Out goes
>3. They apparently sold Gundam Wing to Cartoon Network.
>4. Gundam Wing has their own ML. Newbie will probably flock there. The
>non-anime watcher who will be watching Cartoon Network version (There is
>no way in hell this show isn't going to be edited for content. That
>whole bit about the Lake Victoria OZ military academy's dormitory getting
>blown up isn't going to fly in the post Colombine era).
>5. Calm down.
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I understand completely everything your saying and I sympathize. I also
would like to point out that 08th MS Team will probably give new
anime fans a distinctly un-gundamlike idea of Gundam.

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