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> They certainly can, but they generally don't. Overheating is a definite
> hazard for mobile suits, since they carry fusion reactors and all, but
> they usually have an adequate amount of cooling equipment and stay within
> their safe operating parameters - I can't, off the top of my head, think
> of a single instance of actual overheating.

In 08th MS Team's first episode, doesn't the Zaku II overheat and blow up due
to its entangled fight with a Ball? I've watched that seen many times, and I
cannot identify a reason why the Zak blew up at all, other than the Zak's
pilot setting a self-destruct. Which, BTW, starts me thinking about the fight
between the GP01-fb and the GP02a. Neither one took any crippling damage, but
they both shut down and blew up a few minutes later. Of course, having a GM
Custom blow up from just a "flesh" wound was kind of an example on how
fragile a Mobile Suit really is.


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