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Well I don't know if anyone had a spherical beam shield, but I seem to
remember there being an MS with double beam shields. The Nu also had that
beam barrier trick, does that count? Wasn't a sphere but it seemed to

I can imagine that would be pretty cool though... you coul just up the
throttle and run into things! It'd be kamikaze without that whole "death"
part, not to mention some cool animations...

On Mon, 25 Oct 1999, Lim Jyue wrote:

> At 15:22 10/24/1999 -0700, you wrote:
> >No one said that beam shields were a perfect defense or that there weren't
> >ways around them.
> True -- And I wasn't assuming it's an all-singing, all-dancing
> defense. After all, it's only one plane of beam. A *ball* of beam shield,
> now, that will be close to perfect. (^_^). Any MS with that? I don't mean
> I-fields..
> >A more obvious, although never (to my knowledge) exploited, vulnerability
> >is the fact that the central hub from which the beam shield is deployed is
> >completely exposed. I see nothing to keep an opponent from shooting or
> >stabbing or even slashing the central hub and taking the shield out
> >permanently.
> Yeah, I was wondering about that too. But I guess it's a pretty
> small target to hit from range, and at close you are more worried about
> avoiding the sharp edge of the shield. =)
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