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yeah, I don't see why they wouldn't be capable of long-distance travel. I
mean, once they get moving it's just a matter of adjusting course here and
there, what with there being no friction in space. Well, not any
significant amount. I think the real factors would be how much
fuel/propellant they had and how long the pilot could take travelling in a
single MS, not to mention keeping food, water, that kind of thing.

What's a Geta? That was the shuttle thing that he took to Luna wasn't it?

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> wrote:
> >
> > Are Mobile Suits capable of long space trips, so from the Earth to Mar, for a
> > way out there example? It would be very hard on the pilot, though, for such a
> > long trip I have always wondered this, after watching the first few episodes
> > of Gundam Wing, since the Wing Gundam seems to come out of nowhere(I know it
> > comes from a colony). If yes or no, what is a MS's maxium (average range,
> > since the MS types vary)?
> >
> > Aaron
> I think Amuro slept in the Geta when he went to Anaheim Electronics to
> get the Nu-Gundam in CCA...
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