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Mon, 25 Oct 1999 09:14:12 -0700

After Probe and I looked over the Gerbera Tetra kit, it seems more of an
interceptor with the large thrusters, extra booster and fuel tanks. While
it would do great in hit and run raids, it is limited in close combat

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Vince Leon

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>With Kou as the pilot of GP01Fb and Cima flying Gerbera Tetra? Kou won't
>last 5 minutes. The only reason Kou survived his encounter with GP02 is
>that GP02 is designed with limited non-nuclear range weapon, and is much
>less maneuverable. No such problem with Gerbera Tetra... Gerbera Tetra
>against the GP03 Orchid is not a fair fight.

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