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dumb question, but I gotta know - what did those idiots say "gundam" was
an acronym for?

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> >In the latest Hobby Japan, UNT Spacy is said to stand for Under Normal
> >Tactical SPecial Assortment Construction Yard (Page 9). Does that make sense?
> This is an attempt to reconcile ten years worth of Gundam 0080 models
> sporting "UNT Spacy" decals with the new "EFSF" decals introduced with the
> latest round of One Year War era models.
> "UNT" originally stood for "United Nation Troops" -- please note that
> "Nation" is singular, not plural. About the same time, "EUG" was said to
> stand for "Earth United-nation Government" -- the organization to which the
> AEUG was opposed.
> "Spacy" was, of course, the space military, just as land military was the
> Army and the sea military was the Navy. Army, Navy, Spacy.
> And the EUG and its military, the UNT, fought the Zeon Dukedom and its
> Archduke, terms that are also no longer to be used. Now, it's the Earth
> Federation and it's Space Force, the EFSF, versus the Zeon Principality and
> its Sovereign.
> But what to do about all those models, including the MG RX-78 NT-1, with
> UNT Spacy all over them? Simple -- just redefine "UNT Spacy" as noted above.
> This from the same fanboys, now professionals, who turned GUNDAM into an
> acronym (successfully, now that it's a decal on the PG Gundam) and tried to
> do the same with SUIT and ARMOUR (unsuccessfully ... so far).
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