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>From: Armand Larraga <>
>Subject: [gundam] Zaku III Custom
>Date: Fri, 22 Oct 1999 04:47:54 -0400
>Hey Folks,
>I just got the new model of the Zaku III Custom.
>I was wondering if anybody knows any background information on this
>mobile suit.
>Which series is it from?
>Around which UC year was it used?
>I haven't seen Z or ZZ and I'm kinda assuming it is from those series.
>Also it says it is a Neo-Zion suit, so could it have been used during
>the Char's Counterattack events?
>Also do you know anything about Mashymre the ace pilot for the custom
>Later and Thanks,
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I don't know about the Zaku III. But the original Zaku, was the first
MS ever created. It was probably designed around 0078. The Zeons creation
of the MS really messed up the Federation. Which led them to the creation
of the GMs. ^_^

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