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Mon, 25 Oct 1999 06:34:58 -0700 (PDT)

> Its just kinda of unfair thats all.
> Beside Garricks making me seem like such a GW hater,

hey man, you *were* the one hacking on g wing the last
time around (and all because we were hacking on the
nether gundam, hehe). i'm not painting an image of
you that you don't portray yourself. if you ranted a
little less heatedly and a little more coherently,
you'd get a more coherent reaction from me. :P

> Truthfully I don't care,
> You like it, its your business. I'm just trying to
> make the point that its not
> right as an intro to the Gundam Universe.

but i was introduced to gundam by g wing (after
spending years on the sidelines just wondering what it
is about gundam that my friends like so much), and i
don't think there's anything wrong with my, er,
fan-hood. true, i may not represent the norm, but it
still goes to show that blanket statements don't do
any good.

> Its like me showing you Star Wars so you would like
> Star Trek. First of if
> your reading this Garrick, ITS NOT BASHING!!! Just
> commenting.

not that there's anything wrong with bashing anyway
(heck knows i do that too), but you didn't sound as if
you were merely commenting either.

>Gundam UC is
> deeper with a more of a sense of human Drama and
> Science Fiction with some
> actual mathematical Logic.

don't ya think i can see that?

>Its not "I have an
> invincible super robot that
> can't be destroyed and I'm going to kill the bad
> guy".

i can see that too. but i can also see that if THAT's
the only thing you can see in g wing, then you missed
a lot. even i catched a lot more meaning into g wing,
given that i dozed off at least a dozen times through
the 49 episode stretch. then again, meaning is where
you find it. (of course, the fact that i dozed off at
all is a few marks against g wing...ick).

> Geez, Garrick makes it sound like I insulted his
> family or something.

yeah, so i was in a bit of a huff. sorry. you rant,
i rant back. no biggie.

> What turned me really off to this series is what
> happened to me a few years
> back browsing through the Anipike GW links, One
> called "Naughty Gundam Wing".
> I Ignored the name and clicked it and BAMM!!! Heero
> and the boys nude!! Thank
> god for Japanese censorship!! Ugh.....

well, pardon my saying so, but if that's the REAL
reason you dislike g wing (which i think is dumb,
since it's very much like people labelling all anime
as porn because of the japanese obsession with
underwear), then you shouldn't be ranting on and on
about it like an anime professor who's critically
studied g wing.

don't you think that naughty g wing nudies shouldn't
have anything to do with your liking or disliking g

there may be a slew of naughty fan-girls (or gay
fan-boys) but what's that got to do with
liking/disliking g wing FOR YOURSELF? i fail to see
the connection between g wing having a horny
teen-fandom and g wing being a show for twits.

the way i see it (reinforced by your "real reason" for
disliking g wing), lots of u.c. purists are slamming g
wing because they don't want to be identified as a
wing fan because that would mean being in the same
demographics as a slobbering fan. more of like
letting the mob do the thinking for them.

> If I was to pick I would choose 08th MS Team,
> Tomino's human Drama , OYW Mechs
> and variations, This would bring people into the
> Gundam series in my mind.

yes, but TOS art and animation is dated. everyone
agrees on that. i was able to watch the three 0079
movies only because i grew up watching equally dated
animation such as voltes v, daimos, mazinger z, and
the "force five" package and astro boy, marine boy,
and even candy candy (heh, no smartass comments from
the peanut gallery now). and because i can see
through the glitz and to the story's worth (at least,
i like to think i can, but don't we all?).

how many other non-anime people can claim the same
experience and tolerance of dated styles?

if you're looking for manipulative drama, there's
always 0080. i liked it lots, but agree that it's not
exactly representative of the rest of u.c.

without TOS, you very well can't throw a newbie into
the u.c. continuum, so that automatically disqualifies
zeta, victory, f91 and turn a (hehe).

that leaves us with the alternate universes. back to
square one. and among g, w, and x...the choice is not
so hard to some.

you want fans, you attract the most fans with glamour
and pomp. add to that a pinch of somewhat pretentious
but appealing sophistry, sprinkle with just the right
amount of 90's cynicism, mix with utopian ideals, and
poured on with obligatory violence and big've got g wing. maybe they
intentionally paralleled the story to the original
series, who knows. japanese have a penchant for
repetition (and adaptation), i've noticed. so, all in
all, i thought wing's not a bad choice. i thought
it'd satisfy both parties -- the u.c. purists who
couldn't care less about wing being butchered and the
wing fans.



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