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><< but
> what can we expect? after all, if schools in the US
> can dare to even think about censoring shakespeare and
> mark twain and the classics...they can probably get
> away with anything to what they think is a cheap
> oriental cartoon. >>
>They censor the classics? I've noticed this for awhile, the US censors seem
>to be getting out of control. At least Gundam is being released on video
>subbed and unedited by AnimeVillage.

Yeah, When I was still teaching in Assumption College, I heard about how
censorship of the classics was gaining ground...but then, I am not
surprised. From an outsider's point of view, it has always seemed that
America wants the state to take care of its children, rather than
themselves as parents. Internet censorship, the Tv censorship, movie
censorship...It's as if American parents have no more time to spend for
their children, to either explain or teach them about certain subjects. I
do not wish this to be a blanket statement, since I know how some parents
work so hard to bring up their children. It's just that I wish that
parents all over the world who do not give their kids enough time would sit
back and think about how they are neglecting their kids -- and why they
demand that the state does, through censorship.

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