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> True -- And I wasn't assuming it's an all-singing, all-dancing
>defense. After all, it's only one plane of beam. A *ball* of beam shield,
>now, that will be close to perfect. (^_^). Any MS with that? I don't mean

Wouldn't that have been kinda useless as well, since there would be no way
to atttack? or can you shot through the beam shield if you were the one
who had it? I suppose the only way for that woud be to use phasing sytems
for your beam and the shield...kinda like the old machine guns they used in

>>A more obvious, although never (to my knowledge) exploited, vulnerability
>>is the fact that the central hub from which the beam shield is deployed is
>>completely exposed. I see nothing to keep an opponent from shooting or
>>stabbing or even slashing the central hub and taking the shield out
> Yeah, I was wondering about that too. But I guess it's a pretty
>small target to hit from range, and at close you are more worried about
>avoiding the sharp edge of the shield. =)

Hmmm..perhaps that part of the shield used pretty tough metal...

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