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>i watched g wing first, but i'm also watching all the
>other u.c. series i can grab my hands on. i'm
>watching them with more gusto than i watched g wing.
>just so you know.

I had it the other way around, in that I was able to watch some of the UC
stuff first before Gundam Wing -- like CCA, 0083, 0080 and F91. I
distinctly found Gundam Wing to be more kiddie and at the same time more
complex in terms of political twists and turns. It's not bad really, since
it is just another take on the Gundam Universe -- hey, it's AC after all.
I understand all the bashing it's getting, but it really boils down to the
fact, it seems, that GW is a like it or leave it cartoon in terms of
appeal. Perhaps it's because of the imagery, which was patterned for a
wider market, or perhaps it's because of the way the characters and the
story are told, or perhaps even because of the gundams that were created
for it. I like the space opera that is the UC more since I grew up on
stuff like Harlock and Yamato and Galaxy Express, not to mention Voltes V
and Daimos, but it should also be noted that one has to appreciate stuff
like Gundam Wing for the innovations it brought in, like using the sentai
five man idea, or the use of SuperRobot-like designs in Gundam (of course,
I still find the WG0C weird).

ah well. UC is good, but then so is AC, so there...

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