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garrick lee <kapshiaw@yahoo.com> writes
>> However, the best way to respond to that
>> kind of accusation is
>> to reply that anime is a *medium* for telling a
>> story - *any* story.
>> Remind them that some people are under the
>> impression that RPG gamers
>> are all sick demon worshipping cultists, and that
>> more than any other
>> group they should know what it is liked to be
>> stereotyped (I am *not*
>> getting at RPG fans here, I used to play myself)
>that is exactly the approach i used (with a touch of
>heavyarms, heh) about a few months ago (same topic
>different people. the guy who sprouted the
>"it's-porn-coz-japanese-like-underwear" logic is a new
>guy who wasn't around the last time i ranted). i was
>fairly successful in shutting them up and getting them
>to admit that the reason why they dislike anime is
>simply because of the animation style, appearance (big
>eyes, small mouth), and even storyline and style of
>storytelling. when i needled them to list all the
>anime they've watched that they claim to prove anime
>is sexist porn, they couldn't come up with any.
        One of my pet peeves ATM, people like this just never seem to
*think* anymore. (I understand that a minority - it is always a minority
who seem to have the loudest voice - are trying to ban Harry Potter
books ATM. I would like to know what would happen if I went along and
called for a ban on The Wizard of Oz... ) I quite often put my foot in
things when I don't intend to, but this sort of thing is a good way of
raising my blood pressure. I don't mind criticism of my interests (well,
not much. *sob* ^_^), but I would like to see people actually do some
research first!
>i'm just a bit exasperated to wind up another full
>blown rant (rearming heavyarms) at my fellow rpg
>gamers. some of them are too busy staring at
>chainmail bikinis. :P
        Thats a bit boring, isn't it? I mean, they don't quite look the
same without something wearing them, surely? ^_^ (sorry, couldn't
resist... ) It might be an idea to prepare a stock argument for this
sort of thing. After all, most of the rants I've seen against anime tend
to use the same points over and over again.

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