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>Can a Mobile Suit overheat like the Mechs from Battletech do? I hope this
>isn't a silly question. I was just thinking about this. I guess they don't or
>else there would be some information on this, I would assume, wouldn't there?

        Well, In Kondo's Revival of Zeon manga, the precursor to the Nu
Gundam overheated and shut down. As a result, it was subsequently destroyed
by a Sazabi.

        But that's Kondo. ^_^

        As for space MS, I don't think a properly designed MS will overheat.
One, the temperature difference between the internal and the external should
promote heat loss. Two, I believe the space MS are built to dissipate
unnecessary heat rapidly -- the Gundam's front vents are good examples. I
honestly think retaining heat is more of a problem for space MS. =) Of
course, radiation is the only way for heat to escape there...

        It's on land that such problems get more critical.. Sand, dirt,
what-have-yous clog up ventilation and heat sinks, driving up heat. The
lesser difference in temperature difference doesn't help. Of course, there's
convention and conduction to help cooling, but I think the mechanical
components will run hotter in an atmosphere anyway.

        I'm no expert -- anyone else?

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