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>>Rynosalas [sic] Type-A & Type-B (an original mecha for the
>>game, the Rhinoceros is apparently a Zeon landship),
> Ah, that would be the mystery machine that my friend Toshi couldn't get
>a good look at... it's so lethal that he had to fight it by hiding behind
>a building and popping up like a jack-in-the-box to blast it with his
>bazooka. ;-)
> Toshi claimed it had a Zaku head and a huge particle cannon, which made
>it sound like a land version of the Apsaras (hmm... Rynosaras, Apsaras?).
>Does it bear any resemblance?

The Rynosalas/Rhinoceros shown here is actually built along the lines of
White base, with a Sphinx-like sihouette. The Type A is topped with a
conventional cannon, the Type B with what appears to be a mega particle
cannon. Both are otherwise identical, sporting a gunpod below the big gun
and a pair of turreted guns on the aft end. If there's a Zaku head on this
thing, it's part of that gunpod and not discernable in this small picture.
(Page 18)

I don't see either version in any of the 9 Stage briefings, but then it's a
Zeon Top Secret and thus something you learn about the hard way....

> And does anything look different about the G type Gelgoog? The comic
>adaptation in Magazine Z made it look just like the MG kit, but I think
>the artist was just using the model kits as drawing reference...

The MS-14G Gelgoog doesn't show up until Stage 09, where it stands between
you and the Zeon HLV. It appears to hace a scaled-down shield, a la 08th
MS Team; it's still got the Zulu shape, but it's about half the size and
has an armored slot in the upper half. The specs are: 19.2 meters tall,
42.1 tons, 1.44MW generator, 61,500 kg thrust, high-tensile steel armore,
beam naginata, beam rifle and the aformentioned shield.

Speaking of weapons, the GMs carry a machine-gun and "R-Launcher" (the
standard GM bazooka) as general issue and can "download" a "B-Splay Gun"
[sic], beam rifle or "P-Beam Rifle" -- which looks identical to the beam
rifle, but which I gather is some sort of a particle-beam gun. You can
also opt for either the Large Shield (standard Gundam-styled GM shield) or
Small Shield (08th MS Team type GM shield).

Oh, yeah, and the White Dingo Team always fields one of each of the MS, so
you get an RGM-79 as Fang-1, an RGC-80 as Fang-2 and an RX-77D as Fang-3.
And, just to complicate things, you can apparently only field Fang-1 and
Fang-2 in Stages 01 to 04, with Fang-3 available only from Stage 05 to
Stage 08. In Stage 09, you can only field Fang-1, but now you have the
RGM-79SP, with which to duel the aformentioned MS-14G Gelgoog....


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