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> Perhaps nothing. While the comparison to Shiro's sauna-creating beam
>saber is apt, I also recall - for example - the Alpha Aziel's funnels
>bouncing off the Nu Gundam's beam barrier, rather than being annihilated
>by it.

        So we can play pong with beam shields? (^_^)

        Seriously though, does beam shields absorb or deflect? IIRC, it
deflects. So Z might be right about the heat grilling the opponent MS, but
the opponent might get bounced off the shield..

>Perhaps we could liken it to a glancing blow from a beam saber,
>which may be survivable if you have lotsa armor.

        But it would melt off a substantial amount of armour, right? As an
aside, has there been any case where MSes retire due to melted armour in the
joints? Most of the time, the MS either blow up real good due to a beam
saber strike, or the saber miss.. or just take off a limb.

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