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>No one said that beam shields were a perfect defense or that there weren't
>ways around them.

        True -- And I wasn't assuming it's an all-singing, all-dancing
defense. After all, it's only one plane of beam. A *ball* of beam shield,
now, that will be close to perfect. (^_^). Any MS with that? I don't mean

>A more obvious, although never (to my knowledge) exploited, vulnerability
>is the fact that the central hub from which the beam shield is deployed is
>completely exposed. I see nothing to keep an opponent from shooting or
>stabbing or even slashing the central hub and taking the shield out

        Yeah, I was wondering about that too. But I guess it's a pretty
small target to hit from range, and at close you are more worried about
avoiding the sharp edge of the shield. =)

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