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Well I've started back to modelling myself and I
have learnt a few things too.

godfatherK wrote:

> but, i don't know what kinds of paints to use...
Acrylics are easiest to use (Gunzo Sangyo and
Tamiya). As Eddie has mentioned you can wash it
off with water before the paint cures if you make
a mistake. If the paint has cured, you can use
alcohol to remove the paint, however it will
smear, so you will have to wipe several times to
get all the colour off. I use isopropylalcohol
(isopropanol) and isopropyl alcohol swabs. As a
pharmacist I can get them in bulk and without
suspicion of extracting cannibis :P
        I have recently learnt that enamel paints are a
pain in the willy. They are messy and terribly
unforgiving to use, but boy they smell great *_@

Then there are the different types of finishes,
matte or gloss. I personally prefer matte/semi
gloss and I also find they are more forgiving to
use than gloss. I have little success with gloss
paints with both brushes and airbrushing.

> i have never used airbrush... where do i learn the techniques?
I need to learn to!! I have an airbrush, used it
and even though I am not particularly good at it,
it sure beats using a brush. Buy one if you can
afford to throw some money away :)

> i don't know if one should paint before assembly or after assembly...
> in general... i want to learn to paint my gundam models...
definitely paint before is my lesson, although
 you will still have to paint over seam lines

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