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>Hey all,
> I was just in japan town (san francisco) today and I was looking at the
>latest issue of Dengeki Hobby Magazine. I had a cool pictorial of some
>gundam story I have never heard of "M.S. ERA". Is this just a reference
>to some thing or is it an actual story?

It's a marketing push for their revision to the original M.S. Era book
published a decade ago in conjunction with the release of the Gundam 0080
OVA. The small cel illustrations accompanying each diorama spread were
actual "photos" from the book they used as inspiration for building the
diorama sets. The revision is supposed to include additional material, but I
don't know if there will be enough new material to justify a new purchase for
those who already have the original book. I guess Dengeki is just following
suit of Katoki, whose "Gundam Fix" has already gone through two shameless
"revisions" so far (Transitions and Transitions +, both of which are
unavailable to the general public, I believe they are convention-only

>They had some cell art that they
>were making dioramas from (Including one of a captured GM with zion
>markings and a cool "spotted" camo job on its shield) , so it made me
>think that maybe it was from some video game or special. Any one know
>about this?

See above. The original MS Era books used to command over $100 on eBay,
but recently people have been dumping them because of the new edition
coming out and you might be able to get a good deal on a used copy.
Again this book has been discussed recently on the GML and you should be
able to find additional info in the archives at



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