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>Hey all,
> I was just in japan town (san francisco) today and I was looking at the
>latest issue of Dengeki Hobby Magazine. I had a cool pictorial of some
>gundam story I have never heard of "M.S. ERA". Is this just a reference
>to some thing or is it an actual story? They had some cell art that they
>were making dioramas from (Including one of a captured GM with zion
>markings and a cool "spotted" camo job on its shield) , so it made me
>think that maybe it was from some video game or special. Any one know
>about this?
MS Era is a book that was originally published back in 89 or 90, and
features visions of the Gundam Universe from a camera's eye view,
specifically the lens of a War Correspondent. It appearantly has recently
been reprinted, with additional artwork for the 0083 timeline (?), and some
of the shots were from the closing credits of Gundam 0080: A War in the
Pocket. (I believe that the pic of Al and his classmates holding up the
Happy New Year Banner is there...)

(Incidentally, speaking of the 0080 kids, take a look at that picture, and
tell me if you havn't seen those characters before, like a few years older,
aboard the Federation cruiser White Base... Because if you look carefully,
you'll realize that Mikamoto, when designing Al, Dorothy, Chay, and Telcott,
managed to make them look an awful lot like Amuro and Company (Al=Amuro,
Dorothy=Frau, Chay=Kai with Blond hair, and Telcott=Ryu) and the animators
stuck in youthened versions of Sayla, Hayato, and Brite into that picture
for good measure...)

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