garrick lee (
Sun, 24 Oct 1999 18:11:48 -0700 (PDT)

> However, the best way to respond to that
> kind of accusation is
> to reply that anime is a *medium* for telling a
> story - *any* story.
> Remind them that some people are under the
> impression that RPG gamers
> are all sick demon worshipping cultists, and that
> more than any other
> group they should know what it is liked to be
> stereotyped (I am *not*
> getting at RPG fans here, I used to play myself)


that is exactly the approach i used (with a touch of
heavyarms, heh) about a few months ago (same topic
different people. the guy who sprouted the
"it's-porn-coz-japanese-like-underwear" logic is a new
guy who wasn't around the last time i ranted). i was
fairly successful in shutting them up and getting them
to admit that the reason why they dislike anime is
simply because of the animation style, appearance (big
eyes, small mouth), and even storyline and style of
storytelling. when i needled them to list all the
anime they've watched that they claim to prove anime
is sexist porn, they couldn't come up with any.

i'm just a bit exasperated to wind up another full
blown rant (rearming heavyarms) at my fellow rpg
gamers. some of them are too busy staring at
chainmail bikinis. :P



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