garrick lee (
Sun, 24 Oct 1999 18:02:11 -0700 (PDT)

> Geez Garrick, can you at least be a little more
> mature about this,hot damn!

hey, you weren't so hot yourself with that sweeping
tirade on g wing that implies that only dimwitted
newbies would be brought into the gundam fold by g
wing. you never said much about liking parts of g
wing -- you only ranted so much about everything wing.

but i suppose eddie's got a point -- if any series has
to be butchered, it may as well be g wing. because we
can sure that it's going to be mangled so bad. but
what can we expect? after all, if schools in the US
can dare to even think about censoring shakespeare and
mark twain and the classics...they can probably get
away with anything to what they think is a cheap
oriental cartoon. so, maybe g wing isn't such a bad
choice? given that it's the flashiest (if not the
most substantial in terms of storyline) among the
alternate universes...

> I have watched all of GW so that you know, but I saw
> the other Gundam Series
> first and that ruins all of wing for you since you
> know whats gonna happen.

i watched g wing first, but i'm also watching all the
other u.c. series i can grab my hands on. i'm
watching them with more gusto than i watched g wing.
just so you know.



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