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Well, this is a "what if" idea. What if during the 6 months lul in
OYW, 2 Cowboy Bebop styled warp gates are constructed around Earth
Sphere, one at Side 7, one at Side 3, and both gates' exit gates is
near Ganymede? You cannot use the gate at Side 7 to go to Side 3,
only to its exit gate at Ganymede.

The Federation will actually have to beef up garrison and security
around Side 7 & Luna II. Jupitor Energy Fleet will by-pass the
tedious 18 months journey from Jupitor to Earth Sphere, and utilize
the gate directly. Zeon won't have to do much at this point, since
Federation at this point does not have the capability to strike at
their gate. However, as seen with the openning of tv show,
Federation's security at Side 7 is kind of bare bone. But with the
stragetic value of the warp gate, they cannot just let it sit and be
attack. I know part of the Antartic Treaty specified that neutral
parties to the conflict are out of bound target, and JEF most
definately fall under that catagory. But attacking the shortcut
means probably is not covered.

And if this technology continues, I see no reason why each lagrange
point cannot get their own set of Warp Gate with the associated
deceleration rings. there would be from each Lagrange point to all
of the other Lagrange Point, over Von Braun, and towards Ganymede.
Commerce will be accelerated between the colony, and war will have a
complete new face. Since the gate can be turn off at each end, and
you really don't want to exit the gate while it's off, sneak attack
shouldn't be too much problem. But the speed of material and troop
movement will be dramatically increased...

Any other implications?

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