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> hello, i just joined the > hello, i just joined the m@illist...

Welcome! We're currently apparently in the midst of a whole bunch of
off-topic discussions and chain mail forwards, but I'm sure it will pass...
lemme try to answer some of your questions.

> but, i don't know what kinds of paints to use... or where to buy them...

I would suggest this: "Gundam Markers." Those are the first words out of my
mouth when it comes to painting these things. The colors look good on the
models, and al of them except for number 01 use real paint. (#01 is like an
ink marker for panel / line details and it can rub off). To my knowledge,
there are twenty different markers, all available at HobbyLink Japan if you
don't have a store nearby the carries them.

I'd also recommend getting a few brushes, some paint thinner, and a few
bottles of regular paint to test out to see which method works best for you.
The real trick is working out your own methods of painting - it's taken me
about a year but I'd like to think some of my kits look pretty good. ;-)

> i don't know what it means to "prime" the models...

Heh, neither do I. I think it involves coating the model with a primer so
that the paints don't run or glob up. That's some serious paint work though,
and I've never bothered to do it. It does, however, take away the "plastic"
look that some kits suffer from.

> i have never used airbrush... where do i learn the techniques?

I'd suggest a local hobby store (any one that would sell paint, brushesm and
other such modelling tools.) I'm sure someone there would have knowledge of

> i don't know if one should paint before assembly or after assembly...

Here's what I do. Buy model. Assemble model. Look at model without paint,
then take it apart in sections (example: legs, feet, arms, shoulders, main
body, lower body, head). After painting what I can see in terms of details,
I put it back together to decide what else (if anything) needs to be
painted. Some people work better by painting all the parts first, and then
assembling, but I've found that this is hard to do if you don't know which
parts will eventually become what.

> in general... i want to learn to paint my gundam models...

You might want to get one or two cheap 1/144 kits to try some of this on, to
see which colors you like best on the models, which method of painting works
best for you, that kind of thing.

> oh, and is hobbylink japan that only real good source for model
> purchasing?

There are some other sites out there but HLJ is absolutely HUGE in terms of
models it has in stock - it's what I use. Sure, shipping is kinda pricey, so
I never order just one kit, but it's a great source. You might want to check
out some of the other sites to see if you like them (I don't know any
addresses but I think someone already mentioned rainbow ten), but I'll
recommend HLJ over any others.

> and is the only place to purchase gundam video from?

Not really. You can order the videos / box sets directly from the site. You
can also go to your nearest Mall, and look for a "Saturday Matinee" or
"Suncoast motion picture company" - I see the videos in there all the time,
mostly the dubbed one, but sometimes the Subtitled versions as well. Also,
if there are any import stores in your area they would probably also have
large collections of anime, of which Gundam may be included.

> thank you!

Welcome aboard!

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