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Dafydd writes,

>Kodansha Game Special 164: Mobile Suit Gundam Side Story 0079 After the
>Colony Fell (Rise From The Ashes) Operation Guide (1999.9.17, Kodansha,
>ISBN4-06-343164-9) 114 pages (98 color) for 1300.

  Thanks for the review! I wanted to pick up at least one book on this
game, but hadn't decided which (a large-format Softbank book like the
Blue Destiny, Z Gundam, and CCA ones would be ideal, but I don't know if
they're planning to release one).

  Listies, you can see a cover image of this book at

>The characters are, of course, the White Dingo Team. They're led by
>Stanley Hawkins, who bears a striking resemblace to ST:TNG's Jean Luc

  He's the commander of the Federation's Australian forces, the opposite
number to Zeon's Walter Curtis.

>Rynosalas [sic] Type-A & Type-B (an original mecha for the
>game, the Rhinoceros is apparently a Zeon landship),

  Ah, that would be the mystery machine that my friend Toshi couldn't get
a good look at... it's so lethal that he had to fight it by hiding behind
a building and popping up like a jack-in-the-box to blast it with his
bazooka. ;-)

  Toshi claimed it had a Zaku head and a huge particle cannon, which made
it sound like a land version of the Apsaras (hmm... Rynosaras, Apsaras?).
Does it bear any resemblance?

  And does anything look different about the G type Gelgoog? The comic
adaptation in Magazine Z made it look just like the MG kit, but I think
the artist was just using the model kits as drawing reference...

>Tochka (another game original, a conrete pillbox with a twin-cannon

  "Tochka" is just a Japanese term for "pillbox." :-)

-- Mark

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