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> So, is the shield really safe for MSes to use? If a shield portion
>drops just as the shot comes in, won't it defeats the purpose of having a
>shield at all?
> Furthermore, does beam shields dissipates the kinetic energy of a
>shot? If not, it's possible for an enemy to pump shots after shots into the
>beam shield, hoping to push the shield to a position where the on-board
>systems will deactivate the shield for fear of lopping off some limb.

In actual swordplay, it's a common technique to knock your opponent off
stance and get past his shield when it moves off sides. Position is very
important in combat and the opponent would have to be coming in almost
directly below the MS to exploit this sort of vulnerability. At that
angle, the shield wouldn't be of much use, since the MS would be more
exposed than not.

No one said that beam shields were a perfect defense or that there weren't
ways around them.

Beam shields can, in fact, be overloaded and shut down, not unlike the
deflector screens in Star Trek. Solid shields can also be overloaded and
broken, as happened to the original Gundam's lunar titanium shield a number
of times. The beam shield can regenerate, however, usually within the
course of the battle, whereas the solid shield must be repaired or replaced
after the battle.

A more obvious, although never (to my knowledge) exploited, vulnerability
is the fact that the central hub from which the beam shield is deployed is
completely exposed. I see nothing to keep an opponent from shooting or
stabbing or even slashing the central hub and taking the shield out


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