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>Oh crap!! this is what I really didn't want to happen! if you've paid
>attention to some of my thoughts about this series its mostly negative, VERY
>Sure its started out OK and -bla bla bla I don't wanna repeat myself but I
>fear that the ML will soon be all or close to all GW talk NOOOOOOO!
>Why could they translate something else? Anything but Wing!

Gundam Wing was chosen for the same reason that Sailor Moon, Dragonball and
Pokemon -- it has killer demographics. While Gundam has always had better
appeal to females than most other mecha shows, due to the characters and
the Byzantine intrigues, Gundam Wing was the first to score as well if not
better with the girls than the boys.

If your goal is to capture the widest audience, you go with the show with
the widest audience. Like it or not, the Gundam with the widest appeal is

Please not that "widest" is not the same with "largest" -- but that your
best hope of obtaining a largest audience is to start with the widest appeal.


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