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>> shojo-anime
>Define Shojo-anime?

Basically anything aimed primarily at girls/young women. [Which can be
tricky to decide at times. With manga it's easy because the big phonebook
thingies are clearly targetted, with anime, if it's on TV, the ads are the
clue, otherwise it's 'was it based on a Shojo manga?']

So Sailor Moon is, Earthian is, Fushigi Yugi is, although the anime less so
than the manga. They Were 11 is, IIRC. The most recent Cutey Honey TV series
(Cutey Honey F) is [allegedly] although the original TV series and the OAVs
most definitely are *not.*

And just to make it clear:
Maison Ikkoku, Ah My Goddess and Video Girl Ai are not either.

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