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> As for Series bashing goes, I would like to point out that three years
>ago when I was first on this list there was a mass of W Flames, the
>views of X and ZZ(Those are not bashing, what was said about W was hard
>bashing) now are SMALL CASE compared what was said about W. And I feel a lot
>of Flame that was said about W was undeserved. Maybe the times are just
>changing now, and some people on this list have gotten tired of hearing
>on W, No offense to you Roger.


>Oh well, it's nice to talk about how others feel about it. But let's NOT
>dwell on it any further than what's already said eh? ^_^
>> - Roger

Aw c'mon guys! Everyone please take a nice big breather. GW is for a
different market segment and demographic than the other stuff. so there
you go. It's getting a bit useless to argue which series is better than
the other. I think we all should just accept the fact that everyone has a
favorite, but that they chose GW cause they need it to be kid friendly in
the US. Think about how stuff like GG would get along there...the ethnic
minorities would have a field day with how some nationalities are shown by
the series. UC stuff is not necessarily good when the parents of america
come GW has to be the spearhead.

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