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>> I am now getting seriously addicted to the idea of
>> making a Philippine
>> will be fun...but to save on money, I
>> think I'll just use
>> 1/144....
>ah...what model are you planning to use?

Am not sure yet, but I might use GW stuff...if not, I will use the spiegel
as a base.

>pps. first gundam model making contest in the
>philippines also to be held at work-a-ble/anima anime.
> entries can be any model, any size (except super
>deformed!), painted or not, with accompanying diorama
>or none, original specs and config or kit-bash.
>contestant's name must be etched somewhere on the
>model or scenery (i think). entries start pouring in
>on october 24 (tomorrow) till november 25. judging to
>commence from then on till december 10 and...uh...oh
>hell, just go to galleria and check it out yerselves.
>i forget details...

I have to check this out....but damn! that's not much time! And does it
mean I surrender the gundam to them?

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