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>I agree, I was cultured on a steady diet of Wing when I first started before
>graduating to the UC stuff(god I love Zeta,0083 and CCA). Though, looking
>back, I dont see what I originally saw in GW(sorta like looking back at old
>cartoons,i used to watch Thundercats,but when they show it now,im not
>enthusiastic about it).

I find GW to be more glitzy, and more spectacular in terms of flagrant
anime physics. But in story, it was more of a joyride, rather than the
multi-level space opera that is the trademark of the UC timeline.
Ultimately, the difference is in the state of the genre at the time it was
released -- note the differences between the old Gatchaman, and the new
Gatchaman OAV, as well as the old Getta and the new Shin Getta.

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