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>"It *is* a porn cartoon, [garrick]. It plays on the
>Japanese obsession with school girls. They even have
>school girl underwear dispensers in some parts of
>Japan and Hong Kong."
>maybe there was humor intended in that post, but it
>zoomed over my head. how do you respond to that kind
>of accusation?
        You can't. Possibly because its true. Although most of the
reports I've seen about people who've gone looking for these things have
always seemed to have a hard time finding them, possibly because they're
an urban myth. OTOH, the Lonely Planet Guide Book Japan mentions them
        As with so many things, the truth is always somewhere in-
between. I'm gradually getting used to the fact that there is an awful
lot of anime out there that is... extreme. OTOH, I can live with this if
it means I also get Escaflowne, Gundam, Macross and Patlabor On TV.
Where theres Basic Instinct, theres also Disney.
        However, the best way to respond to that kind of accusation is
to reply that anime is a *medium* for telling a story - *any* story.
Remind them that some people are under the impression that RPG gamers
are all sick demon worshipping cultists, and that more than any other
group they should know what it is liked to be stereotyped (I am *not*
getting at RPG fans here, I used to play myself)
        Alternatively, get them to watch Kikis Delivery Service. If a
picture can tell a thousand words, that film is an entire legion of
highly paid lawyers.
        Or you can use the ultimate weapon -
        "Fine. All anime is porn. Now tell me again, just how does a
chain mail bikini protect against a broadsword?" ^_^

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