Sun, 24 Oct 1999 16:13:08 EDT

> Zzzzzzzzzzz.......... Wha huh? As I said (for the 10000000000th time) I did
> like various parts of GW but in my opinion its not the best or even close.
> Where the hell are you getting that I'm putting down anything or anyone?!!
> When did I say its was for morons. And why is it ok to bash X and ZZ but
> when
> I say something negative about the big scary GW series I get so many of
> coming down on me?

        Okay, Let's not start a flame war over this, but you have to realize
you didn't mention that you "liked parts of W" in the first post and the tone
of that first mail wasn't exactly friendly(that how I read it...). So there
might by a little miscommunication there.

    As for Series bashing goes, I would like to point out that three years
ago when I was first on this list there was a mass of W Flames, the critical
views of X and ZZ(Those are not bashing, what was said about W was hard
bashing) now are SMALL CASE compared what was said about W. And I feel a lot
of Flame that was said about W was undeserved. Maybe the times are just
changing now, and some people on this list have gotten tired of hearing rants
on W, No offense to you Roger.

> And I know Sooooooo many GW fans that are not gundam fans at all, so are
> implying I'm calling all my friends morons?

    I know alot of W fans that are Gundam fans as well, so maybe it all
depends on the person watching.

> I just don't think that W would be a wise choice for a beginning series
> the US.

    What I think is that a person who will like gundam isn't going to just
stop at W, ask a variety of my friends....I always showed them W first and
then 0083(which I feel are the 2 best to grab interest) and the into the
others. But I can see where you're coming from.

> Geez Garrick, can you at least be a little more mature about this,hot damn!
> I have watched all of GW so that you know, but I saw the other Gundam
> first and that ruins all of wing for you since you know whats gonna happen.

Now that is not how I see it, the "once you see others, you've seen them all"
part, Granted it's true for some stuff, but you can say that against just
about anything.

Oh well, it's nice to talk about how others feel about it. But let's NOT
dwell on it any further than what's already said eh? ^_^

> - Roger

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