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>uh, master asia...
>so i guess i'm a second rate fan for being flown in by
>g wing? that's what you're saying? i'm a gibbering
>newbie who will never appreciate the u.c. saga because
>i was brainless enough to be spoiled on g wing? just
>because i'm new to gundam and i found a few things to
>like about g wing doesn't mean i'm a brainless newbie.
> would shakespeare's contemporaries, if they still
>lived, scorn us 20th century people for being a few
>centuries late to the classics?
>before you glorify "originality", you should realize
>that all the themes and plots in the world have
>probably been done before with more than 10,000 years
>of human history, and not even the original gundam
>series is, well, "original" in that sense. not to
>mention that u.c. gundam repeats the basic themes
>ANYWAY. originality, as i often say, is overrated.
>look, i understand this issue of "nostalgia" for the
>old timer fans. heck knows i'm an old-timer gamer of
>dungeons and dragons and i'm nostalgic about the "good
>ol' days". but looking down on newcomers doesn't
>really do anything for the gundam saga, just as my
>looking down on ad&d 3rd edition isn't going to do any
>everyone has to start somewhere. even you were a
>newbie, one time or another, in some hobby or another.
>as a gundam newbie, i know i don't appreciate this
>looking down. as a veteran of other hobbies, i don't
>look down on newbies -- in fact, i welcome them. if
>you don't like g wing, that's ok. but stop implying
>that it's for morons only.
>ok i'm grumpy tonight...

Zzzzzzzzzzz.......... Wha huh? As I said (for the 10000000000th time) I did
like various parts of GW but in my opinion its not the best or even close.
Where the hell are you getting that I'm putting down anything or anyone?!!
When did I say its was for morons. And why is it ok to bash X and ZZ but when
I say something negative about the big scary GW series I get so many of you
coming down on me?

And I know Sooooooo many GW fans that are not gundam fans at all, so are you
implying I'm calling all my friends morons?

I just don't think that W would be a wise choice for a beginning series for
the US.

Geez Garrick, can you at least be a little more mature about this,hot damn!

I have watched all of GW so that you know, but I saw the other Gundam Series
first and that ruins all of wing for you since you know whats gonna happen.

- Roger


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