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Vote Yes or No for Rail Safety!!!!

Which side are you on???

Since the privatising of our trains, we have had three serious
crashes. All have resulted in the death of innocent commuters.

Why is it that time after time the government is happy to excuse the pursuit of cost cutting and saving over human life. Why IS it excused when a train driver runs a red light, yet a motorist is quite rightfully given a ban? The rail companies are right now in debate as to whether there should be a safety system that is able to automatically stop trains at red lights!! Should this be, as a matter of fact, not a debatable issue??
Their argument is financial.

We are the voice of the commuter. You should be heard - don't remain silent!!!!
What do you think?
Should money be an issue in any way when it comes to safety on our trains???

Vote YES for safety first, regardless to the cost
Vote NO for investment and careful spending

By taking part in this survey, you will be helping to decide what outcome the law will have on this issue and help to offset the cost of publishing these results.

We will publish these results to all major Newspapers, Railtrack & the Government guaranteed!!!!

To register your complaint, a small charge of 4 will be required for administration costs and forwarding costs.
Click below for secure order page payment and reply email address.
Please put YES or NO
in your email subject box.

Do not return this mail with your answers!!

We would, at this point, like to pay tribute to all who perished and our heart felt condolences go out to their families.

If you don't wish to take part and you want nothing to do with this, return mail with "remove"
in the subject box. Thanks.

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