garrick lee (
Sun, 24 Oct 1999 07:04:18 -0700 (PDT)

> I am now getting seriously addicted to the idea of
> making a Philippine
> will be fun...but to save on money, I
> think I'll just use
> 1/144....

ah...what model are you planning to use?


ps. have filipinos on this mailing list checked out
the new anime shop in robinson's galleria?
"work-a-ble" and "anima anime" are on the 4th floor,
beside 'hobby cafe' (you'll see lots of guys
airbrushing t-shirts. go inside and look to one
corner -- that's where all the anime loot is stashed).
 i picked up the ms gundam encyclopedia '98 there :)
(apparently they order it one book at a time, straight
from a contact in japan. they'll take orders for
other anime stuff as well) there's also a slew of
anime merchandise you won't find elsewhere. and anime
on customized t-shirts (the legal aspects of which i'm
not so sure about...but i'm going to get a couple of
gundam and macross t-shirts done anyway, heh)

pps. first gundam model making contest in the
philippines also to be held at work-a-ble/anima anime.
 entries can be any model, any size (except super
deformed!), painted or not, with accompanying diorama
or none, original specs and config or kit-bash.
contestant's name must be etched somewhere on the
model or scenery (i think). entries start pouring in
on october 24 (tomorrow) till november 25. judging to
commence from then on till december 10 and...uh...oh
hell, just go to galleria and check it out yerselves.
i forget details...

ppps. so the postscripts are longer than the actual
message body, big deal...:P


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