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>> Oh crap!! this is what I really didn't want to happen! if you've paid
>> attention to some of my thoughts about this series its mostly negative,
>> negative.
> <Rant on W Sniped>
> Well, everyone is entitled to their opinion. But GW is a great way to
>introduce to people to gundam. I mean how else would you get them interested?
>show them the orginal? Z? ZZ? V? I don't think so. the OVAs are too short for
>tv-runs. and obiviously G and X aren't good representations of Gundam.(People
>may not get past the silly gundam fights of G to get to the great
> for X....well enough have been said about that.). W has
>everything that can get a person that never watched gundam to be interested.
> Besides that, I happen to think W is a fairly good show, I mean you can
>yell about originality all you want, but originality does not make a good
>show when it's poorly thought out and executed. Especially when you consider
>GW to be "re-vamped" but not Z or V or any other Gundam show that carries the
>same themes from the orginal gundam. I 'd rather watch a Z remake than the
>latter half of X again....
> So what if the ML wants to talk about GW? I mean as long as people focus
>on things like storyline it can be good discussion material. There has been
>too much heat on W for no reason other than it tries to follow some of the
>more "pop" trends in anime. At lease that's the way I see it.
> BTW I watched W after I have seen the Original Series, Z, CCA, F91, 0080,
>and 0083, So don't say I'm defending W because I watched it first or

Well, you see everyone says of the recurring themes, but not exactly the
same!! I mean I like the part with Vayeate and Mercurius and the showdown w/
the gunda pilots and Zechs. I also don't mind that there will be lots of wing
talk BUT if you live in NY you'd know what I mean, Every anime fan has seen
wing and nothing else so its hard to start a conversation.

Oh yeah, one thing wrong about this ML:
Rant on W: Wrong!!
Rant on G,ZZ,X: OK....


- Roger


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