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Sun, 24 Oct 1999 04:53:56 -0700 (PDT)

erhm...i KNOW it's true. but that's not the problem.

my problem are people who INSIST that anime is
definitely porn because of that underwear fetish. i
fail to see the logic in that assumption. people who
insist that ALL anime is porn, because they just can't
comprehend otherwise. what's worse is that these
people don't bother to know more about anime, but
would rest content that what their friends watch are
the x-rated type.

saying that all anime MUST be porn because japanese
have a "perverted" fetish on high school underwear is
like saying all american cinema is garbage because of
the existence of snuff films.



> About the underwear? Its true. About the fixation?
> Again, true. About it
> being perverted? That's a cultural view. Those in
> the US are a bit on the
> prudish side, and see this kind of sexual behavior
> as unacceptable. Not that
> we in the US don't have our own "accepted" sexual
> perversions like
> encouraging bulimia, anorexia, "annoying"
> cheerleaders, "dumb" blondes, child
> pornography (the legal age of consent in Japan is
> 14, anything under is
> illegal, just like in the US), and hypocritical
> evangelists and WWF. We may
> not see it as perverse, but the world doesn't
> revolve around us either.
> SJ
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