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> Door opener? How does it work? My 2nd year science project was basically
a half-baked study of utilizing eucalyptus (instead of tobacco) in the
production of
>cigarettes... ^_^;

I used an electric eye...damn lame if you ask me, but then, I'm no science did the cigs taste like?

>>>>Actually, I find it distasteful to use such force. I would rather be a
>>>>stealth gundam than something like heavyarms in this regard.
>>If you watch G gundam, it's close to what some of Domon's moves's
>>a combination of Judo, Aikido, Shotokan.
> Is there a name for that martial art, or did you study all three?
> By the way, I'm trying to practice a "super move" based on Domon's
Shining Finger... I call it "Bad Finger". The attack phrase is in Filipino
though... I wonder if I'll ever get to use it in an actual fight? ^_^;

I studied a lot of for your attack, i wonder if you'll get killed
because of it? LOL!

I am now getting seriously addicted to the idea of making a Philippine will be fun...but to save on money, I think I'll just use

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